Welcome to Orphan Books!

I am Katie Orphan, a longtime bookseller and author. After years of running other folks’ bookstores, I was ready to go out on my own.

I am working on opening a physical bookstore – a bookmobile to service neighborhoods without bookstores. I also help people build libraries whether for their own home or for businesses. I’ve worked with coffee shops, hotels, and other retailers to add bookstore elements to their inventory. If you are looking for a library that will impress your clients or friends with how well-read you are, I’m your gal!

My passions in bookselling are connecting with young readers to make them lifelong readers and amplifying marginalized voices. I love to read and encourage others to read authors of color, queer authors, and works in translation. The best thing about reading is the way it opens the world to us, and how, for the length of time we spend reading, we get to slip into someone else’s experience of the world.

For more information about my writing, visit http://katieorphan.com.

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