Give a book a good home

Orphan Books has two main arms – an actual bookstore & consulting on bookish things. For information on consulting, and what services that can include, please click here. For bookstore info, you’re in the right spot!

Orphan Books is the dream and labor of love of Katie Orphan, a longtime Angeleno bookseller and author.

Helping people find books to surprise, delight, and foster a love of reading is Katie’s life work.

  • What is Orphan Books?
    Two things: a mobile bookstore and a book collection consultant. What’s a mobile bookstore? It is a bookstore on wheels. I’m looking at the same kind of truck that food trucks most commonly use, which will allow for individual or family browsing, as well as a service window for… Read more: What is Orphan Books?
  • What kind of books will you have?
    I love to read just about anything. My specialities are nineteenth century literature (I have to use that MA somehow!) and Los Angeles literature (you can check out my book Read Me, Los Angeles for lots of lists and insight), with a strong dash of Madeleine L’Engle thrown in… Read more: What kind of books will you have?
  • How can I help?
    Right now, the emphasis is on fundraising to actually get a truck and stock inventory. There are other essential start up costs, but that’s the goal at the moment. You can support that with my GoFundMe. You can also get merch from Bonfire, or buy books through Bookshop. Once… Read more: How can I help?