What is Orphan Books?

Two things: a mobile bookstore and a book collection consultant.

What’s a mobile bookstore? It is a bookstore on wheels. I’m looking at the same kind of truck that food trucks most commonly use, which will allow for individual or family browsing, as well as a service window for anyone who knows exactly what they want or are picking up an already-placed order.

Why a mobile bookstore instead of a brick-and-mortar? A lot of reasons! I was having a hard time picking a single neighborhood in Los Angeles for a bookstore. I don’t want to infringe on any of the existent indie bookstores in LA – most of which are owned or managed or otherwise staffed by friends – and I want folks to have easy access to bookstores. That led me to decide on a mobile model that can go into different neighborhoods on a daily basis, and can be part of community functions. It also will allow for a quicker launch than acquiring a retail space.

What is a book collection consultant? I have years of experience with putting together libraries for private enterprises (hotels, coffee shops, etc.) and want to help both other businesses who want to include a book component. With some previous clients, that has been books for a hotel room or a collection for a hotel library, for others, it has been assisting other retailers in introducing book elements tailored to their clientele. I also love putting together home libraries. While I can make an attractive, color-coordinated collection if that’s what you need, I am best used to create a library that reflects your interests and may impress visitors to your home, or in this time of COVID, may impress folks who see your bookshelves on Zoom.






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