Katie Orphan

Bookseller, Curator, Author


Katie has been a bookseller for more than 15 years, with most of that time spent as a book buyer and manager. In her role as a buyer, she has developed a strong sense of what titles will sell in any particular environment, based on both macro and micro trends.

Her work as a writer with an emphasis on literary tourism and connecting literature and authors to not only places, but to the other aspects of their lives that interest her (namely food & drink) has also led to creating a niche for her in curating collections for local businesses.

Whether you are looking for help in adding books to your own retail inventory, creating a library for clients or yourself, or a better understanding of how the book business works, Katie is eager to assist.


ABA Children’s Institute 2019
Small Acts for Financial Gain
Pittsburgh, PA

LitFest Pasadena 2019
Bookstores We Love
Pasadena, CA

Chengdu International Bookstore Forum 2017
Chengdu, China

Get in touch

Katie is always available for consulting, collaborations, and events worldwide. If you want to chat about books, travel, or anything else that seems like it will be in her wheelhouse, drop her a line here.


The New York Times
October 2016

The Los Angeles Times
November 2016

√ćpsilion (Portugal)
April 2017

May 2017

Book Riot
May 2021

Greater LA (KCRW)
September 2022

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